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Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Minimally Invasive Surgery for Prostate Cancer

After a prostate cancer diagnosis, there can be a lot of information to take in. The path you and Dr. Kaplon decide to take for treatment depends on certain factors including the stage of the cancer, your age, and your prostate-specific antigen test result, … Continue reading

Cystoscopy Procedure In Sarasota, FL

Cystoscopy is a test that allows your doctor to look at the inside of the bladder and the urethra using a thin, lighted instrument called a cystoscope. The cystoscope is inserted into your urethra and slowly advanced into the bladder. Cystoscopy allows Dr. … Continue reading

What’s It Like to Have Surgery?

If your doctor has scheduled you for an operation, you are probably already wondering what’s it like to have surgery? For most people, just the thought of having surgery can be stressful. You can reduce much of your anxiety by learning what to expect both during surgery and recovery afterwards. … Continue reading

Dr. Kaplon brings Minimally Invasive Urologic Surgery to Sarasota

A new category of surgery, enabled by the da Vinci ® Surgical System, is being used by an increasing number of surgeons worldwide for prostatectomy and other urologic procedures. Dr. Daniel Kaplon in Sarasota, FL is specially trained for da Vinci ® Urology procedures including: da Vinci Cystectomy da Vinci Partial Nephrectomy da Vinci Pyeloplasty da Vinci Radical Prostatectomy This minimally invasive approach, … Continue reading

Minimally Invasive Solution for Urinary Obstruction

When facing a urinary obstruction, you may be a candidate for the minimally invasive approach – da Vinci ® Surgery for Urinary Obstruction. This surgery, known as pyeloplasty, removes the blockage in the urinary system. da Vinci ® Surgery uses state-of-the-art technology to help your doctor perform a more precise operation than conventional surgery. … Continue reading

da Vinci Offers Minimally Invasive Procedure For Kidney Disease

When suffering from kidney disease, you may be a candidate for a minimally invasive, kidney-sparing surgery. A surgical technique called partial nephrectomy removes only the diseased part of your kidney while sparing the healthy, functioning kidney tissue. The da Vinci Surgical System uses state-of-the-art technology to provide  gold standard treatment, … Continue reading

More U.S. men choose da Vinci Surgery than any other treatment for prostate cancer

Studies show that, compared to open surgery, experienced da Vinci surgeons achieve better cancer control – lower positive margin rates. Positive margin rates are a measure of cancer cells left behind – lower is better. Better Chance for Return of Urinary Continence Recent studies show more patients have full return of urinary continence within 6 months as compared to patients having open surgery Shorter hospital stay Less blood loss Less need for blood tranfusion Lower risk of complications Lower risk of wound infection Fewer days with catheter Less pain Faster recovery and return to normal activities Faster Return of Erectile Function Studies show patients who are potent prior to surgery experience a faster return of erectile function than patients who have open surgery. … Continue reading