What Urine Color Says About Your Health

The color, density and scent of your urine can reveal a lot about your health. While a lot of urine changes are caused by nothing more than dehydration or medications, some urine changes can be caused by a serious, underlying condition. Here are the different urine colors and what they say about your health:

No Color – You?re very well hydrated…possibly a little too well hydrated. You may want to cut back on how much water you?re drinking.what urine color says about your health in sarasota

Pale and Transparent Yellow – Completely normal and well-hydrated

Dark Yellow – It?s a normal color, but you might want to drink water soon to get to more of a transparent yellow.

Amber – You are very dehydrated and need water immediately.

Brown Ale – Brown ale urine could be the result of a lot of things, including severe dehydration, eating large amounts of fava beans, antimalarial drugs, muscle relaxants, and liver and kidney disease.

Pink or Red – Pink or red urine could be due to eating beets, blueberries or rhubarb. However, if you haven?t eaten the three foods, it could mean you have blood in your urine. Blood in urine could be a sign of kidney disease, urinary tract infections, prostate complications or even mercury poisoning.

Orange – Orange urine could be nothing more than food dye in your system. However, it could also mean you have a liver or bile issue. Contact your physician immediately.

Blue or Green – A lot of medications, including amitriptyline, indocin and diprivan can cause blue or green uring. Other causes of blue or green urine include familial hypercalcemia, a rare inherited disorder and a urinary tract infection caused by pseudomonas bacteria.

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