Is My Erectile Dysfunction Treatable?

When you decide it’s finally time to talk with Dr. Daniel Kaplon about your erectile dysfunction, all that is needed to begin is answering some medical questions and getting a physical exam. You may have chronic health issues that could be the underlying cause. You won’t know any answers until you begin.

Start With The Facts

Dr. Daniel Kaplon will need to take some tests to determine any ongoing or chronic health issues, especially those you may not even be aware you have. Your ED is likely treatable, but before we can suggest any lifestyle changes, medications, or procedures to treat your erectile dysfunction, these tests are essential.

Blood Test

This will check for heart disease, diabetes, low testosterone, and other issues.

Physical Exam

An examination of your genitals will evaluate your nerves and your sensations.

Urine Test

Similar to the blood test, Dr. Kaplon is looking for diabetes or underlying health concerns.


This will evaluate the blood vessels that supply the penis. Dr. Kaplon can determine if there is a blood flow problem causing your ED.

Your Age Can Be A Factor

It should be comforting to know that the majority of men will experience ED at some point in their life. One study concluded that mild to moderate erectile dysfunction affects 10% of men per decade. Consequently, 50% of men will be affected during their 50s, 60% in their 60s, etc. It occurs in different degrees just as your vision and muscle strength changes as you get older.

Available Treatments

Once a thorough examination has taken place, Dr. Kaplon can begin to make recommendations for treatment.

Lifestyle Changes

It may be as simple as some lifestyle changes like increasing moderate exercise. More difficult changes may be stopping smoking or eliminating alcohol consumption. Losing weight can also be helpful.


If depression or anxiety is the root of or a factor for your ED, counseling may be helpful.

Oral Medications

There are many meds available, and they all have their pros and cons. Dr. Kaplon will walk you through all the facts.

Devices Or Surgery

If medications are not appropriate for you, there are still other alternative treatments available like penile implants and other devices.

Remember you are not alone, so make it your time to find out if your erectile dysfunction is treatable and how.

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