How Smoking Affects Your Risk Of Urologic Conditions

If you are a smoker, you most likely have been admonished for years by friends and relatives to quit. You are aware of the many health problems which can develop from smoking. Yet, you continue unabated. If it was easy to do, you would have already done it, right? Maybe the final impetus will be how smoking affects your risk of urologic conditions.

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I Pee When I Sneeze: Is This Normal?

For anyone who asks, I pee when I sneeze: is this normal? Let’s get right to the point, NO is the answer. This type of leakage is not normal. There may be an unknown number of people with this type of incontinence, but that doesn’t make it normal. You don’t need to go through life with embarrassing leakage. Let’s find out what your options are.

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Blood In Urine: Why It’s Important To See A Urologist

Many of us are aware that the dark yellow color of urine is a sign that we need to drink more water every day, but are you aware of what to do if you notice blood in your urine?

If you notice blood in your urine it can be a cause for concern. Dr. Daniel Kaplon recommends you always schedule an evaluation, as it could be due to a condition that needs treatment.

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