Vasectomy – Myth or Fact

Since it is a permanent form of birth control, many men have questions or concerns before having a vasectomy. This is normal and to be expected.

Here are a few common vasectomy myths that many patients have de-bunked:

vasectomy factsA Vasectomy is risky surgery.

Although vasectomies are a safe and effective surgery, all surgeries have risks. Most men generally recover within one to two weeks. Following the procedure, feeling some discomfort, bruising, and swelling is normal.

Vasectomy can always be reversed.

While many men are good candidates for a vasectomy reversal procedure, only about half of these procedures are successful. The tube that the sperm passes through, the vas deferens, is reconnected during a vasectomy reversal. It is a more complicated surgery because there can be different ways to re-connect the tube. Because there’s no guarantee that a vasectomy reversal will work, it’s important to be sure you want to get a vasectomy.

You’ll lose sexual function.

A vasectomy does not hinder your sex life as the production of testosterone is not affected. The procedure blocks sperm, but does not reduce the amount of semen produced so there is not a noticeable difference when you ejaculate.

It is 100% effective right away.

It can take up to two to three months following a vasectomy to ensure there is no live sperm. A backup form of birth control should be used during this time. After a year only 15-20 out of 10,000 couples experience a pregnancy.

Other Questions about Vasectomies and Vasectomy Reversals

If you have questions about getting a vasectomy, contact Dr. Daniel Kaplon. It is important to get all of your questions answered by Dr. Kaplon before undergoing the procedure.

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